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Take Control of Your Cleaning

“There is no question that the quality of activities within your facility(ies) is judged by the level of housekeeping that you keep.” – Superintendant of Schools

What does your level of housekeeping say about the level of activities in your facility? If you want to improve that level effectively and efficiently, we can help you do that. Just contact us.

“You can not manage what you can not measure” – DOCUMENT YOUR CLEANING

We will help you develop a housekeeping system for your facilities that will include:
  • Accurate Inventories of Space
  • Square Footage of Various Areas and Types of Floor Covering
  • Desired Cleaning Frequencies
  • Employee Work Schedules
  • PLUS, we will implement your program with live, hands-on custodial training
  • Cleaning Check Lists For Each Area
  • Written Cleaning Procedures Customized to Your Needs
  • OSHA and Right to Know Compliance
  • Inspection Program
Our company has developed Housekeeping Manuals and implemented programs for clients throughout North America. We also conduct Cleaning Audits and Custodial Training Sessions for all types of facilities. For detailed information, phone, fax or contact us.
Download the PDF take-away of this material for readily available information on our services!