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EDUCATION University of Minnesota / Minnesota School of Business
Technical training program schools conducted by 3M Corporation, Johnson Wax, Butcher Polish Company, Advanced Machine Company and other major manufacturers.
Dixon and Associates – Minneapolis, MN
Sales and custodial training seminars, consulting with sanitary supply distributors and manufacturers in all areas of their business; consults with large facilities, i.e. healthcare, educational, retain, industrial and building service contractors.
Provide custodial consulting services to a wide range of organizations, including education and healthcare facilities, industrial plants, retail stores and building service contractors.
  • Industrial Cleaning Audits – Develop and conduct cleaning audits for industrial housekeeping programs. Includes work loading, cleaning chemicals and equipment analysis.

    • Proper work loading and time standard requirements
    • Proper selection of products and equipment to match these requirements
    • Safe and cost effective cleaning procedures
    • Cost effective purchasing methods
  • Custodial training seminars – Develop and conduct janitorial seminars for in-house and contract cleaned facilities, using up to date cleaning procedures and live, hands-on teaching techniques – not just lectures
  • Work side-by-side with operations managers, supervisors and management while training on procedures and products for efficient and safe results.
  • Developed Contract Cleaning Institute for special training of new and exciting contract cleaning companies.
  • Functions as “expert witness” regarding custodial and housekeeping work, such as slip/fall cases as well as other issues. Works with both plaintiff and defendant arrorneys.
  • Contributing author of articles to various industry journals. Author of a book, “Your Step-By-Step Guide to Professional Cleaning”